Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today's Major Market Move: Lumber Futures Gain 4.1% Month To Date in December

The fact that Lumber Futures have gained 4.1% so far in December is not particularly remarkable but what is noteworthy is the fact that every other commodity besides Lumber is down. Silver Futures are down by 10%. Nat Gas Futures have dropped over 12% and are well on their way to a 3 handle. Here are the December top decliners in the commodities space:

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It's not just commodities; we're seeing deflation in equities and forex as well. Perhaps that's where the "De" in December comes from. Of the 120 currencies that we track, 97 are flat or weaker against the Dollar (81%). Of the 321 global equity indexes we track, 287 are flat or in the red (89%), and as we've already mentioned, 28 of the 29 commodities we track are down (97%).

The most important take away from all of this is the fact that both WTI and Brent Crude were down over 6%. This means there's more room for the Central Banks to provide liquidity. Be prepared for more action (or at the very least, proposed action) by the CBs over the coming days and weeks.

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