Monday, March 19, 2012

Today's Major Market Move: KBW Bank Index Gains 10.3% Month to Date

Last Wednesday we discussed Bank of America and how many banking and finance companies were performing well in the wake of the recently completed stress tests. So it should come as no surprise that one of the best performing indexes in March so far is the KBW Bank Index. March has been a good month for equities in general with 224 out of 320 equity indexes that we track in the green. The KBW Bank Index is currently in second with a 10.3% gain:

Click here to go to the live table.

It's worth pointing out that the Venezuela Stock Mkt Index is yet again in the top spot. People talk about AAPLs stock going crazy having gone up 50% in 2012. The Venezuela Stock Mkt Index (bear in mind we're talking about an entire index, not just an individual stock) is also up over 50% in 2012 which is on the heels of an over 80% gain the year before. Unbelievable. Here's the current chart of Venezuela Stock Mkt Index which is clearly going parabolic:

Click here to go to the live chart.
This post started off being about the KBW Bank Index but the 'oncological boom' ended up usurping it.

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