Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's Major Market Move: Stock Market in Mauritius Down 6.4% Year To Date

Not many stock markets are down this year but one of them happens to be in Mauritius where the benchmark Mauritius Stock Exchange Index has declined 6.4% since the beginning of the year. 6.4% is not an earth shattering amount in the grand scheme of things, or any scheme really, but in the current environment of a global rising tide in equities and a continuous flow of central bank liquidity, -6.4% will make you the 5th worst performing equity market on the planet.

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There's not much drama with the currency; it's been essentially flat for the year. Cumulative GDP growth since 2007 is a very respectable 55% and the stock market is up over 40% during the last 5 years although there's been a fair amount of volatility:

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The government is actively taking steps to boost the equity market as indicated by this article from Authorities are attempting to promote an "equity culture" as well as trying to bring in a fresh set of suckers... uh... by that we mean "retail investors" in the hopes of increasing the percentage of the population that owns stocks.

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