Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's Major Market Move: Akamai Technologies (ticker: AKAM) Gains 14% in February

The S&P 500 is having another solid month having so far posted a 3.9% gain in February. One stock that is making a significant contribution to that performance is Akamai Technologies which is up 14.2% for the month, making it best overall in the index. Here's the top 10:

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AKAM stock price has been boosted by a better than expected final quarter in calendar year 2011. The company posted an EPS of .45 vs .33 expected with record setting revenues. We have yet to incorporate the latest results into our system, but here's a chart showing actual EPS, estimated EPS, and stock price performance going back to the beginning of 2008:

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AKAM is still a long ways away from the heady days of the dotcom bubble when its share price had reached levels over $300. Since the crash in 2000, the highest the share price has gone is the high 50s. If the macroeconomic situation doesn't deteriorate and they are able to build off this recent successful quarter, I would expect them to achieve a new post 2000 high this year. Here's the share price going back to the beginning of 2011.

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