Friday, November 11, 2011

Today's Major Market Move: CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) Drops 18% in the Past Week

While overall the U.S. equity markets were mostly flat last week (the S&P 500 was up .8%, the DJIA up 1.3%), one stock that had a rough time was Computer Sciences Corporation (ticker: CSC), which declined 18%. Here's the list of last week's worst performing stocks in the S&P 500:

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CSC announced its fiscal 2nd quarter results this past Thursday and as you could probably guess from the stock performance, the results were a disaster. Pro forma earnings actually came in well ahead of expectations: $.94/share vs $.68/share estimate. However on the negative side they had 2 one time charges (one was a huge goodwill impairment charge for $2.69 billion) and they guided future yearly earnings lower from $4.80-4.70 to $4.10-4.05.

Here's a chart of the % change of earnings estimates, earnings actuals (pro forma) and stock price:

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Hopefully this latest goodwill impairment was a "kitchen-sink" type charge off, giving the company some breathing room to avoid future one-time charges in the next few quarters. Goodwill impairments tend to be rather fuzzy and give a company the opportunity to "massage" their balance sheet.

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