Saturday, April 2, 2011

Website Technical Update

We're working hard on adding new functionality and charts to the website which you can access here:

Here's a list of some items that will be showing up soon:

-a new earnings per share chart for S&P 500 equities that will show estimated and actual earnings per share growth along side stock price.
-a new input control for selecting entities (stock, forex cross, commodity, etc.) in the individual line charts.
-new alert manager charts that will enhance the monitoring of alerts.

We are also in the process of adding a registration page for the alert manager, but in the meantime if you are interested in setting up an account (which is free), just email

"What is this alert manager?" might be the next logical question. The alert manager is a web site that allows for the tracking and notification of numerical data for different financial entities - e.g. stocks, commodities, global equity indexes and commodities, with plans for additional entities in the future. As an example, let's say someone wanted to be notified if gold futures gained or lost 20% over the next year. They would be able to set up the following criteria in an alert:
metric: price
entity: gold future
% threshold: .20
time frame: 1 year

If the price of gold ends up meeting or exceeding the threshold over the defined period, the next step is to notify the user. We provide several notification formats for a user to choose from: email, SMS, twitter or by checking the website. We also have an android application in the works with future plans for an iphone app.

Some other examples of entity/metric combinations currently available: (not an exhaustive list) country/gdp estimate, us equity/stock price, us equity/eps estimate, global equity index/price. There are plans for many more metrics such as unemployment rate and housing starts as well as plans for new entities like bonds and individual global (outside of the US) equities.

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