Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take US Treasuries....Please

Here's a US News and World Report article that was just posted on Yahoo:

Why You Should Buy US Treasuries

Reading that article makes me want slather on some red,white and blue body paint before cruising on over to the local WalMart in my Ford F150 with Toby Keith blaring on the radio. Yes, America and Americans have had many great achievements over the past 100 years but unfortunately "past results do not guarantee future performance." Rarely in the history of the world did a country find itself in a position to achieve unbelievable growth the way the U.S did following World War 2. There was insatiable demand: the infrastructure for a good portion of the world having just been blown to smithereens, coupled with incapacitated supply: the production capabilities of the majority of industrialized nations had also been pulverized. So the U.S., almost completely untouched by hostilities, is able to export trillions of dollar of products and services over the next 40+ years. When the rest of the World has finally caught up in the 90s, America starts on a debt binge in an attempt to maintain the status quo. We remain in that debt-fueled phase today, some 20 years later.

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