Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's Major Market Move - Indonesian Stock Market Up 17% for the Year

For this edition of our Major Market Move feature we're going to be looking at the Indonesian equity market which has posted a strong gain so far this year. Both major Indonesian equity indexes, the Jakarta LQ-45 Index and the Jakarta Composite Index, are up over 17% this year. That performance has made the Indonesia stock market the second best globally after Venezuela.

The Jakarta Composite Index has been on a steady climb since the beginning of the year.

Indonesia's full year forecasted gdp growth is 11.8% so the equity markets are outpacing that by roughly 3X (17% equity market growth vs 6% midyear gdp growth). The 11.8% annual target puts Indonesia towards the upper end for the south pacific region.

Often times these days a growing economy is partly the result of currency devaluation. That isn't the case with Indonesia who's currency has strengthened over 6% vs the US dollar this year. This also means that US based investors in Indonesia have done particularly well.

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Click here for the motion chart of global gdp estimates (requires flash).
Click here for the current chart of the USDIDR (indonesian rupiah) cross.)

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